Sandy Ford Jct.

I have numbered the tracks and spots as if this were a CLIC book for the Santa Fe. Names are linked to photos of the industries described.

Track descriptions.

Tracks 29-98 and 29-99 are the double main through Sandy Ford. The Depot is located just East of our module.

Track 29-02 serves three industries.

Track 29-03 serves two customers.

Track 29-04 serves Consolidated Grain. In off-season, their spur also assists as a runaround track. Its loads usually head east.

Track 29-05 is a holding track. When inbound loads cannot be spotted, they can be left here. When a train going in an opposite direction needs to remove an empty to spot a load, it can place the empty here for a future train to pick up. It also serves as an interchange track with the branch line.

Track 29-06 serves three customers.

Track 29-07 serves the stock pens. Cattle from this area usually ship east but may arrive from either direction. Occasional gondolas of sand are brought in for bedding.

Track 29-01 gives the Junction its name, as this track leads to several farm communities down the track. Sometimes cars for a distant town are left in yard track 29-05 for a future train to pick up.

All turnouts on this layout are hand laid and manually operated with springs to hold the points to one side or the other. Track is a combination of hand laid and flex. All is code 100. The module is built to modular standards sos that it could be used in a modular club if I so desired... but to date have not.

To see how they all relate, click for the Left, Center, or Right portion of the layout.

Steve Sandifer