Sandy Ford Jct.

Revised 8-18-2003


3 trains are held in staging, each having a locomotive, 4 cars, and a caboose.

The first train, coming from the west, is a way freight that leaves all of its cars and picks up 4 loads, determined by a car card system. It then heads east and the power to that track is killed when the engine reaches the wall.. The second train is a turn. It arrives from the east, spots all of its cars, picks up 4 more, runs around its caboose, and goes back east where it came from. The final train also comes from the east, leaves it loads, picks up 4 more, and heads west. Twelve cars are picked up and 12 more left during an operating session. That is busy for a town with roughly 18 spots.

Not on the drawing are the staging tracks. The two mains extent to the west a further 4 feet. An eastbound train is staged on the East Main extension at the beginning of an operating session.

The two mains extend to the east a further 5 feet. The West Main extension has a switch adding a third track in staging. All three of these tracks can be isolated electrically. A westbound merchandise freight and the turn are staged on the off layout west main and its siding.

This layout is organized for all types of freight cars, but no passenger movements.

Steve Sandifer